Meredith McKay's Download Links

These are links to folders containing high-definition audio/video demo files. They are organized by the name of the manufacturer or distributor. Currently, there are over 600 videos posted.
Click here for information on why you want these.

This website will get updated as new videos and/or links are added, so please bookmark it. Also, see the updates folder on NitroFlare.

Some videos are available in both 2D and 3D SBS (Side-by-Side) versions. If you have a 3D-capable TV or monitor, don't even think about it--download all of the 3D versions!

All files are posted as RAR archives, with approximately 100 MB part sizes and 5% recovery records added for reliable downloading (even from flakey NitroFlare! :-). The archives have no password. If you find any dead links here, send me (MeredithMcKay) a message on AvaxHome and I will fix them ASAP.

This is really great stuff! Enjoy! -- Meredith McKay

These are NitroFlare links. If you don't yet have a NitroFlare premium account, please consider purchasing one using one of my links below. Thanks!

2D versions: (contents here)3D versions: (contents here)
Artbeats (253 MB)
BBC Motion Gallery (1002 MB)
BenQ (866 MB)
Dolby (172 MB)
Dolby (lossless) (812 MB)
DTS (610 MB)DTS 3D (182 MB)
DTS (lossless) (4490 MB)
Grundig (813 MB)
HDClub (5770 MB)HDClub 3D (1640 MB)
Hisense (683 MB)
Hitachi (2830 MB)
JVC (3530 MB)JVC 3D (1080 MB)
LG (8330 MB)LG 3D (3600 MB)
Mitsubishi (539 MB)
Panasonic (10240 MB)Panasonic 3D (2450 MB)
Philips (2990 MB)Philips 3D (470 MB)
Pioneer (7710 MB)
Sampo (1018 MB)
Samsung (7960 MB)Samsung 3D (1570 MB)
Sanyo (1290 MB)
Sharp (7880 MB)Sharp 3D (697 MB)
Sony (7620 MB)Sony 3D (266 MB)
THX (1016 MB)THX 3D (98 MB)
Toshiba (1570 MB)
by distributor (846 MB)by distributor 3D (528 MB)
various others (4350 MB)