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Why you want these videos:

These are the audio and video demos used by TV manufacturers to show off their televisions and surround sound systems. They are what you see displayed on the TVs in stores and at trade shows. They are designed to be as beautiful as possible to make you want to buy the TVs.

There is a tremendous variety here: spectacular scenery from around the world, fast cars and aeroplanes, beautiful people, sports highlights, psychedelic animations, peaceful moments, even Felix Baumgartner's jump from the edge of space. Definitely something for everyone!

For several dozen of these videos, I have both 2D and 3D versions. Have a 3D TV and want some of those eye-popping (ouch!), in-your-face 3D effects that occasionally show up in 3D movies? Well, now you can blast through them rapid fire, until your friends are covering their eyes and fearfully cowering in the corners of your video room.

Also included are animated logo sequences used by movie companies. Since these are intended to show off the companies' production skills, they can be quite spectacular.

And, there are many, many of the surround sound sequences from companies like THX and Dolby that are used to show off movie theater sound systems--and they can show off your home theater audio just as well! Are you frustrated because you have no recordings that can display the full majesty of your 7.1 audio system with quad 15" infinite-baffle subwoofers (my own setup)? You just have to say to your friends "This sounds better than a movie theater!" while you're frantically searching through your Blu-ray collection for something to prove that? Well, with this vast collection of clips in hand you can blow your friends' socks off, over and over again, until they scream for mercy.

You will enjoy many, many hours of pleasure as you watch all of these and create playlists for your various purposes.

As I write this, I've uploaded well over 600 of these videos, in collections by producers. I'll be adding more demos (and lots of other stuff!) as I obtain them, so you'll want to bookmark this website and check back occasionally.


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