Sound Becomes Light

Christmas Eve 2015, the Reactive Lightwall debuts at 4015!

With 64 channels of synesthetic awesomeness, the Reactive Lightwall is the flagship project of Reactive Light.

This is not your daddy's spectrum analyzer. The Lightwall precisely disassembles sounds, extracting every nuance, and re-imagines these sounds as flowing patterns of light. The transformation is so accurate that with a little practice a viewer can recognize a song by the patterns it creates. Many more features will be added to the Lightwall over time, leading to an interactive experience that envelops participants in a virtual reality of light and sound. The mood can range from a soft glow fitting a romantic dinner to an eyeball-searing experience that conquers daylight.

Created by Tom Burke of Reactive Light, the Lightwall is the first in a series of sound-reactive lighting projects, ranging from tiny wearable displays to immense explosions of light to accompany the largest musical extravaganza. The Lightwall as seen at 4015, at 100 square feet, is close to the smallest practical size for this project--it is designed to scale up to a display that rivals in its majesty the Fountains of Bellagio.

More information will be coming soon to, so please check back often. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact Tom Burke.