When drones are outlawed, only outlaws will have drones.

But if we're lucky, they'll still treat us to this sort of gloriosity.

These are links to YouTube videos shot from drones flying through fireworks. If I posted all of these directly on Facebook, they'd overwhelm my newsfeed.
They vary in quality, of course. Original titles used, clunky though they may be.

Lorain County Fairgrounds Fireworks show 7-3-2015 filmed by Drone

Fireworks Filmed From a Drone! - 2015

2015 4th of July Aerial Beach Fireworks (Quad-copter)

Flying A Drone Into Exploding Fireworks

Drone Hit by Fireworks - Lake Eola in Orlando 2014

July 4, 2015 Fireworks in Shawnee, Oklahoma (Drone Footage)

2015 Mustang, OK Fireworks Drone HD

Turnabout is fair play! If you get bored with the others, at least watch this one: Roman Candle Attack Drone 2.0

These guys just keep droning on...