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Dedicated to Protecting Travelers from the Scourge that is Sessel "Sesspool" Sagorin

Sessel Sagorin is the owner of several travel-related businesses in the Western United States. These include:

Yellowstone Self Catering Lodge, (215 Hayden St, West Yellowstone, MT 59758)

Bundu Bashers Private Day Tours, (491 South Main Street #13, Cedar City, UT 84720)

Over the years, Sessel Sagorin has gained a reputation as a scammer and a thief who has ruined many, many vacations (see the reviews below for many examples of this). And yet, innocent travelors keep getting taken in by him because they haven't done enough research before booking. One of his guides says he brags about using the internet and how he doesn't need repeat customers because of it, and his weapon against bad reviews is a strict policy of no cancellations and no refunds. If you dare to ask for a refund, even immediately after making a reservation, you will be met by a very nasty "I will fight you in every court in the land!" as Sagorin slams down the telephone. So, it will only help you to read the reviews before you make a reservation.

This website has been created to help protect the public from the scourge that is Sessel Sagorin. His prices and locations may seem enticing, but before you succumb please read carefully the vast number of bad reviews linked to below. These reviews appear on many websites, including TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google+, and various independent travel-related sites. For your convenience, we are providing copies of reviews here, as well as links to the originals so that you can verify them.

For travelers who have been scammer by Sagorin, and for providers in the travel industry who are fed up with the damage he is doing, CLICK HERE to find out how you can help our cause.

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SPECIAL NOTE to current employees, colleagues, and family members of Sessel Sagorin.

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This free offer also applies to other travel service providers in Sagorin's area. Use this website to tell everyone how you are different! Please note: we will research your business for integrity before adding your page here. If you aren't legit, don't waste your time and ours.

Review links

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Perhaps Sessel Sagorin's most outrageous scam:

From his booking page on "Pets: Not allowed. $500 will be charged to your card if there is, in our opinion, any evidence of pets. Smoking: Not allowed: $1000 will be charged to your card if there is, in our opinion, any evidence of smoking." But as noted below, guests say that Sagorin claims to smell pets and/or smoking even if it's not true, and charges them for it. This is criminal fraud!

If you choose to book a tour with Bundu Bashers or a stay at Yellowstone Self Catering Lodge, be very cautious in your dealings with Sagorin. If his behavior makes you uncomfortable (see numerous examples in the reviews linked to here), do not engage in a confrontation with him. Instead, carefully and quietly disengage, move your family out of harm's way, and contact the West Yellowstone police (406-646-7600) as soon as it appears safe to do so.

If you are mistreated by Sessel Sagorin or one of his businesses, please contact us with details. If we are able to collect sufficient documentation, we may be able to file a class action lawsuit against Sagorin and you may directly benefit from that suit. In your email, please indicate if you do not want us to include the information about your experience on this website. Otherwise, we may add your notes to our reviews, and they may be edited for brevity. However, in all cases your contact information will be kept completely confidential and will not be posted. We will not expose you to retaliation by Sagorin.

About Sessel Sagorin

Sessel Sagorin is a native of South Africa, the source of his British-sounding accent. He is an Aries, born in 1958. In the documentation for his website (enter "" where asked), his address is listed as: 10531 Gaunt Court, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada V7E 5E9. However, he appears to currently reside at the address of Yellowstone Self Catering Lodge. Because of this discrepancy, his U.S. immigration status is currently being investigated, as is his relationship with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Sessel Sagorin's anti-traveler policies

Check In And Out Policy
You must check in between 4 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. on your arrival day. It is not possible to check in any other time. Please do not book unless you can be here between those times. If you do not arrive between those times, you will forfeit that night's lodging, but can check in the next day. It is not possible for someone to stay awake just for you. You must check out no later than 10 a.m.
Cancellation Policy
Please read this carefully as our cancellation policy is strictly enforced, regardless of the reason for cancellation! Once you have placed an order we will not under any circumstances accept a cancellation. No refunds will be given. Please consider purchasing trip insurance.
Your credit card will be charged any time from the time you make your booking. When you check in we will need to take an imprint of your card for the amount we have already charged. You must bring with you the credit card you used, and it must be in your name. We will also pre-authorize your card for $200.00. If there is no damage to the rental unit, and there is nothing missing, the pre-authorization will be released. The units are checked the day of check out, starting at about 10.30 a.m.

Regarding the damage deposit mentioned above: It has been reported by visitors that Sagorin will "inspect" the room after checkout when the visitor is no longer present to dispute it (note that checkout is at 10 am and inspections start at 10:30 am), claim that he smells evidence of smoking and/or of pets having been in the room, and keep your deposit. Again, this is criminal fraud! If Sagorin pulls this on you, report it to the West Yellowstone police (406-646-7600) and request a chargeback from your credit card company. Expect to fail on both because Sagorin has well-honed tricks for dealing with this (for example, he will supply fake documentation to your credit card company--this happened to us), but it is worth a try. It is much better to never put yourself in that position by never doing business with Sessel Sagorin.

Do not book a stay at Yellowstone Self Catering Lodge.

Do not book a tour with Bundu Bashers.


The Bundu Bashers "luxury" van (detailed description here):

The Yellowstone Self Catering Lodge :