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Disaster service

On arrival of this West Yellowstone Self Catering Studios and Cabins, within the first encounter with the owner, Sessel Sagorin, we were threatened by him and told he will not provide the services he has charged and agreed. Police was involved and we lost all the money we paid! Having re-arranged our tour with the help of local police, local newspaper editor and many others, we found out he is known to the area for his temper, rudeness and fraud. Unfortunately it seems nobody could stop him from trading!!

Without going into great details, all we can advice people is NOT to use this company at all!!

It puts shame on this great country, world class travel destination and its friendly people!

Visited July 2015

Stay away

I tried booking transport to Yellowstone in winter. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. The company appears to be unable to understand simple sentences and could only communicated in half sentences. They never signed their email so I had no idea who I was dealing with. Their responses were very rude and they appear to have a zero care factor. I would not feel comfortable relying on them for dependable transport. I have cancelled all my travel plans to this area. You've been warned.

Visited June 2015

Stay Away!

I was looking to take a tour of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon and Antelope Canyon. I looked at the website for Bundu Bashers and thought looks good. So I decided to give them a try, I emailed them and got a very rude response from owner saying "Don't Waste My Time With Your Stupid Questions" I decided to try calling the company, spoke with owner Sessel Sagorin and was astonished by his behavior, hung up on me after using obscenities. After my experience I decided to Google the reviews for Bundu Bashers and came across these reviews on Trip Advisor, so glad I didn't book with them. I was referred to Snowflake Tours by other Trip Advisor reviews, so glad I did, great company, give them a shot.

Visited April 2015

Website looks great, customer service rude

Interesting tours, nice website, good prices. Had a few questions before booking. Called customer service, and they said the dates offered on website are not available even though it allows me to check out with those dates. When I asked about alternate dates, the guy hung up. I thought I got disconnected by mistake until I read all the other reviews. Good thing I didn't book. Probably would have been bumped from the tour.

Visited April 2015

Nothing good to say!

Booked two night tour to Grand Canyon thru Bundu Bashers. Rang 48 hours before to confirm and was told to ring back 24 hours before. We asked concierge from our hotel to ring and confirm - he was hung up on. Upon ringing again we spoke to an extremely rude and unpleasant man and were told our accommodation had been changed. We were bumped off to another bus company for our travel to and from the Canyon - and they did not seem to know anything about us or our package, although the driver was extremely helpful when we explained our predicament. The accommodation was ordinary and certainly not of the standard we had paid for. Under no circumstances would I recommend this company, very unhappy and wished we had taken more notice of the bad reviews.

Visited March 2015


DO NOT, absolutely do not book with this tour company. I wish I had done more research prior to booking with them. Had i read this thread on trip advisor, I would have steered far and clear.

All is true in the below comments in regards to Sessel yelling at you and cursing you for asking a few questions, including simply confirming your reservation.

My parents and I have booked the one day trip to Zion national park and bryce canyon on the day of arrival in LV (yesterday.) We received an email saying that the tour is unable to operate due to low number. Fine. We proceeded to plan other activities for that day.

Today, we had received an email confirming that there is actually a tour that will happen. Surprised, of course, a phone call was made to the company in which I believe Sessel (after reading past reviews) picked up. He immediately began yelling and calling names such as "you are a bi*ch," a "liar," and that "you are wasting my time." Then he hung up.

A second email was sent almost immediately letting us know that they look forward to seeing us tomorrow. Our credit cards were billed. Twice. Upon investigating who the merchant was, MasterCard was unable to identify the name.

We proceeded to call the company back to cancel our reservation, in addition to the emails that were also sent. The company did not respond or call back the whole day.

MasterCard was called again - this time - to report an investigation on this company as no confirmations were made on our end that we were good to go on this trip, and that the credit card was already charged. TWice. Unfortunately, the best possible scenario for all of this wasted time and effort is that we hope that MasterCard will cover the costs of this dispicable scam company through insurance.

Please be warned. I am kicking myself for not doing more thorough research before attempting to book with these as*holes.

Visited March 2015

Customer Support: idiot ?

I had a few questions prior to booking about the tour, Mr. Sessel the CEO of Bundu Bashers get the replay: Go and waste someone else's time you idiot.

i think there is nothing more to say about this tour Operator.

Visited January 2015

Glad I Stayed Away From Bundu Bashers

After having talked with the owner Sessel Sagorin on the phone about possibly taking a tour of Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Zion Canyon National Park I was appalled at his rude manor, he actually cursed at me when I asked him some specific questions about the tour and what it included. Needless to say I chose to look for another tour company to take me for a tour of the Grand Canyon out of Las Vegas. After reviewing some of the other posts online I found, I'm so glad I chose them, great experience. Anyway just wanted to let people know about my experience and lead them in the right direction. Hope this helps.

Visited October 2014


This is a completely unprofessional company with an insane leader (as an other reviewer suggested). First, you can never be sure whether you get a return trip or not. Second, the owner of the company is an extremely primitive person who is unbelievably rude with the customers. When I inquired about the return trip over email he wrote back something like that they would come unless there is snow. I tried to confirm over the phone whether they can do the return trip to Las Vegas. First he hang up the phone after I introduced myself. When I called again he was yelling and cursing at me like a maniac over the phone. I've traveled in over 40 countries but I never experienced something like that. Now looking at other reviews it seems that I am not the only one, but many people had the same terrible experience. Do not do the same mistake to book anything with this scam company.

At the end I called Arizona shuttle (an extremely good and company) who took me to Flagstaff. From there I traveled with good old Grayhound to Las Vegas.

I only gave one star because less is not possible.
I am surprised that this company is still in business.
Probably not enough people read reviews...

Visited December 2013

horrible tour company

Sessel Sagorin is completely unprofessional. I've never come into contact with anyone in my life who has never been more rude and inconsiderate in my life. He cursed and yelled at me over the phone. He hung up on me after I was trying to get travel details. I tried to call the number back. however, he would not answer. Please Stay away and do not give this company business. It's really sad how a this person has been allowed to treat customers this way and still be in business.

Visited October 2014

Stay Away From Bundu Bashers

I called Bundu to look about booking tour of Grand Canyon spoke with the owner Sessel Sagorin, YIKES. I simply wanted to take a 4 or 5 day tour that included Bryce, Zion, Monument Valley and Canyon De Chelly, he was so rude I gave up quickly and searched for other option I found Snowflake Tours out of Las Vegas, you can see my separate review on Trip Advisor. Anyway just wanted to warn everyone out there to stay away from Bundu Bashers.

Visited October 2013


Booked a trip to the grand canyon with bundu bashers. The paper said we should call a day in advance to reconfirm the pick up. The concierge at our hotel kindly did this and while giving our names to the man on the phone (sessel sagorin the insane leader of this company), he put the phone down and our concierge said the man on the phone was extremely rude. We tried again he did not answer. The next day we went to where our pick up point should have been and at the correct time. He did not show. I ran back to our hotel to call them and twice the phone was hung up on me again. I asked someone on the street to borrow there phone, managed to get through and was told my confirmation number doesn't even exist! Was never picked up and ruined the rest of my holiday. READ THESE REVIEWS, PEOPLE APPARENTLY HAVE BEEN THREATENED TO BE LEFT BEHIND. DO NOT GO.

Visited September 2014

Worst Company Ever

I was helping some international tourists find their point of contact with this company. They thought, perhaps, they were in the wrong place since their bus hadn't yet arrived. They were in the right place but the name of the business had changed (over 2 years ago). I called the toll free number for them and this was the conversation:
Me: "Hello?" (At this point I'm thinking he must not realize I'm on the line and is talking to someone in the room he is in.)
Me: "I'd like to confirm a reservation, please."
Then he hung up on me. The poor tourists waited for this "bus" for almost 2 hours then ended up hitching a ride to Bryce Canyon (100 miles away).
Do not waste your money.

Visited August 2014

Yellowstone amazing Bundu terrible

If this was the only way you can get to Yellowstone then do it. As for the company, the bus is poor, the commentary awful, the box lunch rubbish, and accommodation poor also. Manager can be very rude.

Visited August 2014

Liars, cheats, thieves

We booked a flight through Payment went through successfully. When we arrived at the airport we couldn't find anybody from the company, and nobody had heard of them either. When we called the company they took our reservation number and then promptly hung up. Calling back, they failed to answer. When we called from a different phone they answered but, realising it was us again, actually pretended the phone was disconnected and out of service!!

Another, genuinely very helpful lady from another (proper) company at the airport checked our reservation number for us and found out it was 4 years old! What worries me is that this company appears first in a Google search for Grand Canyon flights.

In short, this company is a bunch of liars and cheats. They are thieves - they would have stolen our money if we had not canceled the Visa transaction. They need reporting to all possible authorities - they are not a genuine company with some bad service - they are plan and simple thieves.

Visited April 2014

Monument Valley Tour

I tried to book this tour with this company. As I was unsure about some details on the Web site I sent an e-mail. I got some some very irate comments back. I then rang the company (from the UK) and spoke to someone with an English accent. As soon as I stared asking questions I got a tirade of abusive comments. I could not believe it. After trying to explain I was only looking for help he hung up on me. I rang back twice and got a recorded message that said the company was not answering 'phone calls as they were moving office. I rang a 4th time and when the guy recognised my voice he hang up.
I just do not understand how this company is still in business. They certainly don't want customers.

Visited May 2014

Don't Book With Sessel

I won't waste my breath here about Bundu Bashers and Sessel Sagorin other to say that you should stay away. I worked for this piece of ------- operation, they lie,cheat and steal their clients monies and provide horrendous service. Do yourself a favor book with SNOWFLAKTOURS instead, they are GREAT.

Visited May 2014

Worst experience with Bundu Bashers

I try to find a Chinese speaking tour just go to Yellow stone Park from L.A for my friends and cross to see nice pictures and detail schedule in Chinese posted to BunduBashers website. So I assume they have Chinese speaking tour. Before booking the trip, I made a phone call and an old man answered the phone. I just asked a simple question "Do you have Chinese tour" He became very angry, irritated and said 'Did you send me email? No Chinese tour" When I said I never sent him email and tried to ask more questions. He just cut me off and call me idiot:) I just hung up the phone. So after check the review on website, I'm not surprised what kind of person I will deal with if I just book his trip. All review described him"Creepy, rude, metally ill" is true. He must had a miserable life. Sharon from Philadelphia

Visited May 2014

Worst experience with Bundu Bashers

I try to find a Chinese speaking tour just go to Yellow stone Park from L.A for my friends and cross to see nice pictures and detail schedule in Chinese posted to BunduBashers website. So I assume they have Chinese speaking tour. Before booking the trip, I made a phone call and an old man answered the phone. I just asked a simple question "Do you have Chinese tour" He became very angry, irritated and said 'Did you send me email? No Chinese tour" When I said I never sent him email and tried to ask more questions. He just cut me off and call me idiot:) I just hung up the phone. So after check the review on website, I'm not surprised what kind of person I will deal with if I just book his trip. All review described him"Creepy, rude, metally ill" is true. He must had a miserable life. Sharon from Philadelphia

Visited May 2014

Bundu Bashers Creep Tours

I am being incognito here because I don't want to be identified by the B B's. These people are the absolute worst. They have my email I don't have theirs. They have my cell phone I don't have theirs. They are the worst and I will always travel on my own after dealing with these dumb folk.

I have dealt with these dumb folk for a short time and the only way to describe the B B's are dumb, very dumb. They are creepy. It is a crap outfit. They basically suck all the way around. The equipment they use also sucks big time.

The owner Cecil the owner sucks big time. His real name is S e s s e l He is a total j e r k, he has a crew of total ninnies, and he is an arrogant son of a b.

DO NOT BOOK ANY KIND OF TRAVEL WITH B BS sucks big time they are the worst business I ever dealt with in my life.

I am still dealing with these expletive ds or I would be more specific.

Visited February 2014

Worst company ever. Owner is a rude pig. Stay away!!!

First of all ill start by saying I never really write reviews but felt compelled to in order to help anyone about to make a HUGE mistake.

I was trying to book a bus tour from salt lake city to yellowstone through the same company (bundu bus) as mentioned. I hadnt read the reviews and they were the only ones doing bus tours in winter and I dont drive so had no other option. The website was fairly unprofessional an a bit unclear as to what was actually being offered. So I decided to call up to get some clarification. BIG MISTAKE.

The guy who answered (australian accent), im guessing its the sessel guy that people have mentioned was so incredibly vile and rude. Firstly he answers the phone with just "hello" in an agressive pissed off tone. When I asked a question about the bus he proceeded to cut me off and bombard me with profanities, calling me a stupid mother f**** saying I should learn how to read! I have never experienced such a level of unprofessionalism and rudeness ever!

In short the dude is a pig and people need to stay away at all costs. I didnt even end up doing the tour purely because of how horrible he was. I then read the reviews and found that this is a recuring theme.


Visited January 2014

Pathetic company to deal with

About a year or so ago my wife and I booked a trip to Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, etc, starting from Los Angeles. A few days after paying in full my wife and I developed medical symptoms that did not allow us to do the trip. We asked for our payment back from Bundu Bashers, but they refused. They referred me to a clause in their contract that said once the air-fare portion of the trip was made the trip could not be cancelled. We tried our travel insurance but they refused to repay even a part of our payment, saying it was a pre-existing condition situation. Our credit card company tried to intervene but were overwhelmed by a torrent of paperwork from Bundu Bashers, claiming we were unscrupulous characters, liars, cheats, and other insulting and derogatory terms. We would have had to travel to Utah to file a claim in the small claims court, which we decided not to do. We lost all our money, and Bundu refused to even issue a partial refund. We would advise any persons thinking of booking with this company think carefully before putting down any money.

Visited February 2013

Bundu bashers tour is the most horrible tour operator in Las vegas.

I did not read all the negative review of this company on Tripadvisors and booked recently on 10 september, 2013 a tour with them. Got insulted by phone ( he used f... word ) and by email ( calling me a jerk and dont know how to read) by the same person I believe
The guy has an English accent there are in Las vegas several excellent operators such as Adventure photos so avoid the Bundu Bashers company, located in Cedar City, Utah

Visited September 2013

Sessel is sick

I worked for Bundy Bushers some time ago, and I have to warn you that Sessel is constantly dealing with complains, issues, law suits and unhappy customers. He also talks badly about everybody, hates everybody and disrespects customers and employees. Working for him was the worst experience of my entire life. The guy is sick pig. I could have gone on one of his tours for free since I worked there, but I wouldn't do it even if someone paid me to. Stay away, avoid and never ever under any circumstances deal with this unprofessional company ran by insane person who should be locked up in mental institution

Visited October 2012

Avoid this company like the plague!!!

We booked a three day tour out of Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and monument Valley with this Company which also trades as Utah Transportation Group. The total bill was $1750. They deducted half the cost about 45 days out. Meanwhile my credit card had been suspected of a fraud and the bank replaced it with a new card. Meanwhile this company had tried to deduct the balance of the bill with the old credit card number and failed. I emailed them and advised them that my credit card had changed and wished to pay them with the new card. I then phoned them when we arrived in the USA and was told by the owner of the company that I was talking rubbish and that I was just trying to spoil his day! Then he hung up on me. I tried again the next day and was told that the credit card issue was a load of Bull***t. Then He hung up on me again. At no time was I rude to him and I explained that I was simply wanting to give him the balance of the trip cost. I dont get it. Consequently we got no trip and he had $875 of our money. When we got back to Australia I emailed him and tried to reason with him and get a refund. His response was to state that at any attempt to obtain a refund would result in legal action, no matter where I was in the world!

Visited August 2013

Find someone else to travel with

Thank WEB for TripAdvisor reviews. On the subject of BunduBashers, reviewers are almost unanimous in their condemnation and disappointments . Please don't get involve with this company and its CEO (C..zyEx...ricOff..der?). Companies like Southwest Adventure Tours (with polite/helpful executives like Jason), offer posted tours mainly out of Park city, but can tailor on request, pick up from most other location, for less than the unpleasant BB alternative.
Online searches for tours ex Salt Lake City/Park City and cities nearby, might pop up EZ tour finder/BunduBashers and like and portray them as the only viable option, not correct!

Visited June 2013


Hi everyone,

I've seen a few reviews suggesting that the incredibly ride man who runs this company is English.

I need to point out that while everyone is right that he is indeed, possibly the most rude person I have ever spoken to, he is actually south african. For what it's worth.



Visited June 2013

Avoid Bundu Bashers tours

I wish I had read the bad reviews before I booked. Our driver Kathy (I cannot call her a guide) picked up four travellers in a 6 seater family sedan, not the bus we expected. I shared the cramped back seat with luggage which did not fit in the back. We were given no itinerary. There were no scheduled food or comfort stops. Kathy texted whilst driving fast on the freeway out of Vegas. Then the personal phone calls started - we heard more about her relationship problems than we needed to know. The car broke down 2 hrs out of Vegas but luckily we limped into a service station. It had no oil. We met up with a one day tour on Day 3 of our trip and transferred to an old mini bus. Compared to the tales of others, we got off lightly. We did get to see the amazing sights, and we were not treated badly. We can even laugh about it now, but something really needs to be done about Sessel and his dodgy companies.

Visited June 2013

Don't Risk It!

I was planning a trip with my husband and two children for the summer. I found what I had thought were great tours on "Bundu Bashers" website. I called to get more information about them and pricing. After speaking to Sessel about the packages I decided to research the company as well. I was worried because of all the bad reviews i came across but, I was not having any luck finding tours to match our plans on my own. When I called back to inquire more information Sessel became rude and said that he could not disclose the hotel info. we'd be staying at nor the times of the flights until I decided to purchase the package. I explained to him that I could not purchase a package not knowing the details so I can make sure it will fit in our trip. He became upset and said he was tired of people calling him to get info. and then scheduling the hotel and tours on their own and said "Thank you for your call, good-bye"... WOW!! I was shocked but, not surprised. Now I know all the complaints are true! I was willing to take a chance but, so glad I didn't. It probably would have ended very ugly and we wouldn't have enjoyed our trip. I am glad I was saved a headache. Just wanted to share this with anyone considering using this company. I planned the hotel, flight and transporation on my own and am saving over $2k compared to what this guy was trying to scam me into purchasing. That's probably why he got so irritated when I started asking about the details of the package. I also discovered they have an F rating with the BBB. That says it all. Wow, this guy is something else!

Visited June 2013

Worst Experience ever!!

I only called to make some enquiries on a bryce +zion day trip. Since I wasn't sure of which option I wanted and asked their advice- an english accented man ( does not qualify to be a gentleman) swore and hung up on me. My phone was on loud speaker hence my whole family heard this. WE ARE NEVER GOING TO BOOK ANY TRIP FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY SHOULD LEARN HOW TO SPEAK TO CUSTOMERS FIRST. I AM SHOCKED THAT THIS COMPANY STILL EXIST!! I want to give them a negative rating and complain to any authority of their misbehavior if I can.

Visited June 2013

Craziest interaction I ever had with a business company rep

I made reservations on Tuesday. Then, got a confirmation that they received it on Wednesday. They then send me an email on Thursday requesting to fax copy of my credit card and DL since I was purchasing these tickets for my nieces. I was out of town at this time so I told them I would fax the requested documents when I return on Saturday. When I emailed them on Monday to confirm the reservations. Sessel responded: I don't know what you are talking about? You did not reply to the email on May 2nd. I then forwarded my replies.And, I said (out of desperation) if my nieces could ride his bus, I promised to write positive reviews. He replied: Do not threaten me, I do not respond to blackmail. Wow! This man is a true narcissist.. I have never had this interaction-with someone in a business industry, at that. How pathetic!!

Visited May 2013

Sessel Sagorin is mentally ill!!!

This man should be out of business. Saying he is rude is an understatement. He is a white South African who gives them a bad name. He is a truly out of control. I do not understand how he could possibly stay in business. One of his guides told me he brags about the internet and how he doesn't need repeat customers because of it. He has so many web sites and domains it is tragic. He hides in West Yellowstone living a hermits life. He is so pathetic. He is abusive to those who will work for him. The list goes on and on. Please do not take a tour with this man or his many companies under so many names.

Visited January 2013


Bundu Bashers (they also go by the name “Utah Transportation Company”) is a horrific company to deal with. If you want to save yourself stress, hassle and disappointment, do NOT book with them. I made the mistake of booking with this company in the fall of 2012. When I called I thought I dialed the wrong number because all I heard on the other end of the line was, “Hello?”. It was indeed the right place. I asked for some clarification on the Grand Canyon itinerary on their website and the way I was spoken to by the man on the line was disrespectful, as if he thought I was stupid. Anyway, the itinerary looked great and the photos looked amazing so I booked it. A few days after the booking, I was on the net and I wanted to have another look at the itinerary so I googled Bundu Bashers and I came across terrible reviews that I made the mistake of not looking at before. I’m not talking about one or two bad reviews here and there. I read over 50 bad reviews, both on this site, some other sites and someone’s personal blog. There were more but I had seen enough. It became apparent very quickly that booking with this company was a huge mistake. I tried to cancel it and when I did that, all the bad reviews I read were proven to be correct. Not only did they refuse to refund our money (even though their website says they will refund you if you cancel within a certain time), they wrote us some nasty emails, one of which stated, “We will fight you with all the legal means in the land” and other unprofessional, immature statements such as this one. My husband and I decided that it’s better to lose the money we paid and book through a trusted, reputable company than to end up with a horrific experience. Because we had booked with Bundu Bashers and because they knew which hotel we would be staying at (they were going to pick us up for the tour there), we felt that we had no other choice but to cancel our hotel reservation and book another hotel elsewhere. We didn’t feel safe with them having this kind of information. In the end, we booked with an excellent company (Southwest Tours) and had a beyond amazing experience. I’m glad that in the end, we followed our guts and cancelled with Bundu Bashers. You would be absolutely crazy to even consider them.

Visited November 2012


They are very very very rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They don't answer my question. I am not American so my English isn't good enough.
They say " don't understand ".
And " Look at the email we sent you. " that's it.

It was first time I got terrible service in USA.

Visited December 2012


I am 85 years old and have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon. My Granddaughter very kindly gave up some of her leave this year to take me. Watching her deal with a jumped-up little idiot who wouldn't know customer service even if it bit him, ruined the trip for me. I was ready to leave the tour halfway through and give up on my dream. When she told me he was threatening to leave us, I was distraught. My only consolation was our tour guide was a gentleman and I am sure he would not have stranded us, though as Sessel is his boss, it probably would have cost him his job.

I cannot stress enough how bad this company is, nor how much the twit called "Sessel" upset me. Buyer beware indeed and do NOT deal with this ignorant bully.

Visited November 2012

Arrogance personified

In an attempt to schedule a tour and get more information, the english accented 'gentlemen' who answered the phone was not only dismissive, but accused me of calling before and asking the same questions before he hung up on me.

I might suggest if you run a service like a tour company you may very well get people who might sound the same asking similar questions about your tours. I don't think you'll find it in the best interest of your company to make incorrect accusations and hang up on customers.

I'll be looking elsewhere for tour providers.

Visited November 2012

Terrible terrible terrible!!!

This company seems to be operated by an extremely rude jerk. I was about to buy a winter yellowstone tour from Los Angels for my parents and myself. I only had a question regarding where the tour ends. The tour starts from Los Angels but ends in Salk Lake City according to its website. I called to clarify and said it should end where it starts. I didn't mean to offend anyone. But the jerk said "thank you for telling me how to run my business" and hanged up on me. I wrote a complaint email to his company. And he called me "liar" since I wrote I called his company twice but he only remembered once...

This is sincerely the worst company ever!

Visited November 2012


I am a Travel Agent who tried to book The Yellowstone Tour with this Company. I wouldnt let my worst enemy take a trip with these people. The CEO of the company is the rudest person I have ever spoken to, he should be delighted that Travel Agents are calling and want to book with them.
Stay away from them, if their Customer Service is anything to go by I dread to think what the tour would be.

Visited October 2012

Our deplorable interaction

If you take a tour with this company, you are out of your mind. Find someone else better. They have deplorable customer service (I may have talked to Sessel looking at the reviews here) - and he cancelled my reservation when the faxed credit card info that I sent him was "too dark". Which made my day much happier as it would have been a terrible mistake to take the trip with this company. Thank the Lord.

Visited September 2012


Sent an email to enquire about a tour with about 3 or 4 questions. Got a stupid one line email reply that didn't address anything I asked!

Reviewed September 2012

Avoid this company

This company has perhaps the worst service I have encountered, with no intention of helping any visitors, and only interested in sardine packing generic tourists.

If you want to be treated like a number, and have zero interactions that assists you, and enjoy rudeness, book with them.

Visited August 2012

Awful, awful service.

This company is run by Sessel, who also runs/ran Bundu Bashers (feel free to check out their many reviews on here).

Needless to say, Sessel still feels that shouting and swearing at clients is acceptable. When I say swearing, I really mean the most foul words in the English language.

Avoid this company at all costs.

Visited March 2012

Yellowstone Tour from Salt Lake City

Horrible company - total rip-off - DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. Poorly organized and everything is subcontracted out.

Our travel dates were 5/10/12 to 5/12/12, off-season. We paid $1414 for two people and when comparing prices, other travelers had better accommodations at half the price. We saw better hotels (One Horse Inn Motel), same area, at $50 a night, double occupancy included continental breakfast, small refrig and microwave in rooms. We traveled from SLC on the city express, $80 each way; two tours of Yellowstone at $60 each; two bagged lunches at $10 each. WHERE DID BUNDUBASHERS COME UP WITH A PRICE OF $707 PER PERSON????

Al's Westward Ho is the hotel Bundubashers booked us. It's very shabby; no coffee; no phones; no hairdryer; no air-conditioning; no small refrigerator; no microwave; no updates for the past 50 years. We had to walk three blocks or more for breakfast. Our free dinner the first night consisted of pizza; salad; or panini sandwich and a drink. Sounds more like a lunch menu. When we arrived at the hotel lobby, the owner got very nervous and quickly shooed us out. We were told to go down around the block to a restaurant to meed our guide. Who ever heard of staying at a hotel and not being welcomed in the lobby.

The only good thing was that Bundubashers tour guides for Yellowstone were in training in Salt Lake City. Thank God, we were lucky to get the regular tour guides from Yellowstone and ride through the park in their new, clean, air-conditioned vans. These guides are giving tours for 10 to 20 yrs. and know the park inside out. REALLY, HOW CAN YOU CRASH COURSE TRAIN YOUR OWN GUIDES FOR YELLOWSTONE.

If anyone wants to file a lawsuit against this company; let me know. They should be put OUT-OF-BUSINESS IMMEDIATELY!!!

Visited May 2012


Actually ZERO stars. The owner, "Sessel," is a foul-mouthed unethical louse who seems to blame anyone except himself for his own shortcomings. This "company" (Bundu Bashers) has no office or representative in the Las Vegas area. Their "headquarters" as stated in their e-mails is 2011 South 1700 West in Salt lake City, Utah but a google search ended with no such physical address. Apparently this "Sessel" also operates under numerous other business names, including Park City Rental / Salt Lake Car Service / Salt Lake Coach / Grand Canyon Excursions / Park City Shuttle. You can find an interesting complaint at:

If you value your time and money, find a different provider. This company is a sham.

Visited June 2012

Every bad thing you've read about Bundu Bashers is true!!!!

Worst customer service ever. Called to confirm tour pick up time the day before the tour was scheduled, as directed. After asking the owner a question about my credit card charge he got nasty, as apparently he didn't like the question. He then said (like the soup Nazi on Seinfeld) "I am cancelling your trip." I told him that apparently the things I had read on Trip Advisor were true and he said that he was suing all the people that had written bad things about him and that if I wrote anything bad about him he would sue me too. Stay clear of this company. We were left to make arrangements with another tour company.

Visited May 2012

Better options are available

Boy, I have read some horrible things about the way the owner of Bundu Bashers treats his guides and their guests. Fortunately there are other options available where you can find friendly, knowledgeable guides for small-group tours, such as:




Enjoy your traveling in this incredibly wonderful region!

Visited May 2012

Stay clear of bundu bashers by more than an ocean

This is an email i received from the owner of Bundu This is what to expect from this guy Sessel Sagaron. Our van broke down in Page, AZ. It took them a day and a half to rescue us. Luckily we were still at the hotel. We couldn't make it out to Monument Valley which was 130 miles away, to so that portion of the tour. Since we left Page, AZ at 1:30 pm the third day. This Sessel Character who took over the tour, left his new guide stranded in Page, AZ, and took us directly back to Las Vegas, NV. We did not get to see Monument Valley, Zion or Bryce National Parks.

This poor tour guide was not trained, didn't have any information on any of the sites we did get to see. He was left stranded after he dis-agreed about sleeping in this trailer as didn't book a room for him to sleep 2 nights in Page, AZ. We paid for the poor guys room the 2nd night. As he didnt have a key to access this extremely beat down trailer. Than day 2 of the tour the damn van would not start. Look at the email i received back from the owner when I demanded my money back. 6 of us was held literally hostage as he drove upwards of 9o miles per hour returning to Las Vegas. He threatened to leave us on the side of the road. He took advantage of 7 women. We wished we had a big guy to confront this Sessel.

F*** u blank sucker you can post negative BUT MY BANK ACCOUNT KEEPS GROWING a hole

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Please be advise I had to re-word the above of his response becasue of posting guidelines.

Visited March 2012


Called super-exhited for my future trip, and ended up having an operator shouting at me at the second question!! When tring to calm him down and getting some answers I got insulted by them..
Tried to complain by email about this, and received short answer telling me that what I was complaining about wasn't true, and it was indeed my fault.. Never been treated like this!!


Reviewed April 2012

Rude, rude, rude!

I tried for three weeks to book the Bundu Basher tour and communicated with someone called Sessel who definitely doesn`t want to do business! I told him how excited I was about tour 1110 and asked many question by email how we could make it more private and more adventurous and was only answered all the time in a very rude and short way what the basic tour would cost and how much I would have to pay in advance before answering a single question! He kept repeating what we would like to do and when, all I had written and pointed out so often before. When I answered I had told him that numerous times before he basically just ended the conversation with me. I just lost a lot of time with this guy and feel angry and offended!

Visited April 2012

Book if you like verbal abuse!

Tried to book a tour, on the phone I was subjected to a torrade of verbal abuse.

This was a 90 second tirade from Sessel (the owner i believe) which mostly consisted of swearing, including the most offensive words possible.

I was absolutely stunned, but reading other reviews it sounds like this is far from unusual.

Reviewed March 2012

Brilliant guide... Horrid company

As said by many previous comments DO not book with this company.
We rang the office to see the easiest way to get to the pick up point and we were hung up on, abused, offered a refund then had it revoked.

At the conclusion of the tour I emailed to complement our guide and our disgust with customer service.. I then recieved a reply that called me a liar, abusive on the phone etc.
Basically the owner of the company is exceptionally rude and I would not recommend supporting this company.

Visited January 2012

unbelievable RUDE

Friends visiting us wanted to do a one day tour of grand canyon & monument valley which they found online. i call the 1-800 number cause their online calender is not up to date. I talked to an extremely RUDE man with what seemed an english accent and told him that my friend was trying to book this tour but that the calender is NOT updated. He told me my friend doesn't know what she is doing and hung up on me!!!! i couldn't believe how nasty he was!! and the irony of it all is that HE doesn't know what he's talking about as you can see by the link their calender is NOT updated!!! i guess they really don't care about their business!!

Visited September 2011

Disappointing service and attitude from CEO and staff

With a name like Bundu Bashers, we were not expecting a high quality tour; however, we were definitely disappointed by our experience. The vehicle we travelled in was old and noisy without a microphone for a driver and guide. We had to translate his comments to other passengers who couldn't hear his announcements. Guides were advertised as having historical and geographical knowledge of the region, but we heard little of this. We were promised Quality Inn or equivalent with breakfast included; however, were accommodated at Motel 6 and had to pay for our own breakfast at Starbucks. We were informed that our names were not on the float trip, when this was included in our documents as part of the tour. The only opportunities for meals were at gas stations, except on the last night when we requested a stop in Navaho land for a meal in their cafe. Our van broke down on the way to Zion, so it was towed away and we spent 4 uncertain hours without any real communication from the company. Two of our travelers missed their Vegas flight to another Bundu Bashers tour in Yellowstone. We were eventually transported back to Vegas and were disappointed to have the fast drive through tour of Zion. It looked spectacular, but we didn't really have an opportunity to appreciate it fully as the drivers job was to transport us not provide a tour.
My first email communication with Sessel seemed positive and he apologized for the accommodation, offered a nights accommodation refunded and stated that he aimed for superior service. I thanked him for his apology and offer of $175 and provided some well meaning feedback about how he could achieve superior service. I would have left the matter there; however, He responded by calling me a blackmailer, liar and exaggerator. It has been interesting reading reviews from others who have experienced poor service and rude, abusive communication. You take a risk traveling with this company.

Visited July 2011

Dont book with these rogues - you have been warned

NEVER EVER BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY How it is still in business is beyond me. Worst customer service ever! The owner (Sessel) is a rude rude pig and should never be allowed to deal with people. The warning signs were there before we left. I booked a hop on hop off pass with them. And when i received my confirmation the dates had been changed. When i asked for this to be fixed i was very rudely told it was my fault , that there was no way the computer could make such an error, they would not fix it, and i woudl have to default on the ticket. I eventually got in contact with someone other than Sessel. This person fixed the problem immediately. I then sent a message thanking her to which I received a rude response from Sessel claiming how I was wasting his time, and he didnt apprecaited my "lengthy missives" and that my "attitude was unfortunate" (his exact words) and he did not wish to "deal" with me again. Sorry for saying thank you for helping me!

In addition, the website quite clearly states that accomodation should be booked directly through them. When I tried ot do this, Sessel threatened to cancel my trip completely - why i have no idea. All i did was ask for 3 nights accomodation. Then when I decided to book my own accomodation I was told that I was taking "a big risk" andthat the bus woudl not drop me off at the hotels. I didnt worry about this as I liaised directly with the hotels so knew where to go.

Anyways, moving along, the day before our bus pass commenced we confirmed all sectors and was told it was all ok - or so we thought. Our 1st driver Jeff was lovely and very helpful, how he can work for such an awful person is beyond me.

We arrived at Monument Valley earlier than the time stated on our paperwork and so Jeff arranged for us to join with another tour of this region. No dramas, the tour company was happy to accomodate. The next day we arrived at Zion and upon checking into our hotel received a call from Sessel ranting in all his full glory at how we were scammers, fraudlent and had delibertaly set out to rip him off. And that we used the goodwill of Jeff to get us a free tour. He was screaming down the phone at me and would not let me get a word in. Then he hung up on me. He then called back for another go at me and I tried to explain that my paperwok inlcuded a tour of monument valley and he outright called me a liar. I was so upset that he had th audacity to call me on holidays at the hotel (which he had refused to arrange for us) and accuse us of scamming him. Think about it - we will pay to fly from australia to the US for 3 weeks, book a bus pass pay all the accomodation and then decide what an opportunity to save $65 a person by scamming a free tour - serioulsy the guy is insane!

He also accused us of "refusing to pay" park entrance fees. Whis was bogus as it was national parks week and ALL visitors across the entire US received free entry. I cant believe he was wnating to charge us for fees no one else had to pay.

I tried to explain that my paperwork included monument valley but he refused to budge. I even offered to pay for it (again) and he was still screaming at me. He hung up on me after telling me they wodul not be provding transport back to Las Vegas for us. So here we were stranded. 2 calls later it was settled that i would pay the cost of the tour (by this stage i just wnated to get back to Vegas so was prepared tp pay again for it) and they would transfer us back the next day. However they would not confirm a pick up time for us other than "sometime in the afternoon". So the next day we waited and waited from 2pm at the hotel. Someone eventually arrived at 6pm, at which point we were presented with credit card slips to pay for the monument valley tour before we were allowed on the bus, and Sessel, who accsued us of scamming, tried to charge us $130 each after saying ing it was $65 each. We refused to sign both slips.

Upon retruning to Las Vegas I double checked my paperwork and yes our paperwork specifically stated that a monument Valley tour was included. So we ended up paying for this twice each, and Sessel tried to double charge the second time around - talk about scamming and lying. He was so rude. No peson deserves to be spoken to in the manner in which he spoke to us.

We spoke with others on the bus and they too had received such appalling "service" - telling people not to confirm then ringing and abusingthem when they didnt. Saying people were wasting his time. In addition, 2 peoepl had booked river raft cruises and on the day were told "it is out of season and you wont be doing it" howevere other groups were doing raft trips.. go figure. in reality teh scheduel was so tight it woudl have been impossible for them to do the rafting. so in effect Sessel charged them for it, and no mention of a refund, for a something that could not be delviered upon. Others also booked helicopter flights that did no happen, so here is hoping they see some of that money back!

The scenery was specttacular, but i urge you to find another way to see it. If i can stop another person going through what we did it is worth it. This man does not deserve to be ina customer service business when he has no intientison of providing a service or helping customers. DO NOT BOOK WITH BUNDU!!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Visited April 2011

Terrible service by CEO of Bundu Bashers

My wife and I booked a 4 day Hop on Hop Off tour through Bundu Bashers of Grand Canyon/ Bryce Canyon /Monument Valley and Zion National Park. My wife booked each leg of the tour on the website ensuring the dates and times were available. When we went to pay for the holiday by credit card in another screen we noticed that the the dates and times for one of the legs had changed. This meant that each of the legs did not match up. When we phoned the company we spoke to the CEO (Cessel). He was outright rude and told us it was our mistake and blamed us. We showed him the screen dumps proving it was not our mistake he told us "he did not have time for our lengthy Missives". He threatened to cancel our tour without refund. Amanda (General Manager) later confirmed all details and told us that the issue would be fixed at their end. We received a confirmed itinerary from Bundu Bashers stating that we also had a Monument Valley tour Included. When we arrived in Zion we decided to confirm with Bundu Bashers our Transport back to Las Vegas. Again we spoke to Cessel. He threatened to cancel our last leg of the tour as he said we didn't pay for the national park entrance fees and the monument valley tour. The national park entrance fees were free on the week of the tour, which he conceded as being correct. He then blamed us for not paying for the monument valley tour. We told him on our confirmed itinerary it stated that it was included. He told us that it was not the case. He called my wife and I liars and cheats and that we took advantage of the driver and if we did not pay for the tour by credit card over the phone would leave us stranded in Zion National Park. After several phone calls of Cessel ringing us then hanging up, my wife and I scared of being stranded paid the additional $130 that was agreed to over the phone. Head office could still not confirm what time the bus could pick us up the next day. Their answer was sometime after 4pm. When the driver picked us up the next day around 6pm he asked us to sign two $130 vouchers for the tour ie double charging us. We refused and said he would confirm with head office. We have not received any response or apology from the company for this. My wife and I travel extensively and we have never been spoken too so rudely as we have from the CEO of this company.

Visited April 2011

Worst Customer Service I've ever encountered when booking travel!

I called Bundu Bashers to inquire about a Bryce Canyon/Zion National Park tour. The foreign gentleman that answered the phone was the rudest person I've ever encountered when trying to book travel. He told me I was wasting his time, and hung up on me. I was so mad with the way he treated me that I checked him on the BBB website. They have an "F" rating. They have many complaints filed against them for customer related service issues, and not refunding people's money when a tour was cancelled. That's the worst possible rating a company can recieve. Why are they even still in business? I would book your tour elsewhere or your travel plans are a train wreck waiting to happen!

Reviewed April 2011

I spent 90 seconds on the phone with them and that was too long!

I called to ask about the Bryce Canyon tour from Las Vegas and the man on the phone told me it ran any day they had 5 people sign up. I asked if they had a trip that was likely to make this weekend and he told me "I cannot divulge that information." I said that we were flexible on dates and just wanted to know which day might be best for them having 5 people and he said that he won't tell anyone, that I have to sign up and then they'll tell me that morning if the trip was going to make. I told him thank you, but I was going to check into other companies with guaranteed reservations and he yelled "Don't waste my time!" and hung up on me. I'm so glad I found out how this place is before I booked anything!

Reviewed October 2009

Do not book with Bundu Bashers! Appalling service

I ordered a 4 day tour to the Yellowstone area with Bundu Bashers. The tour turned out to have been misrepresented on their website. It turned out to be a collection of separate elements provided by other companies, booked by Bundu Bashers, which did not meet the description of the tour, either in detail or in spirit. For example:

- Two of the four days were not a guided tour, but rather a basic transport service. I expected the opportunity to stop at points of interest on the journey from Salt Lake City to West Yellowstone and back. The website says: "There are stops at several of the towns along the way" but this was in fact just quick restroom stops at convenience stores.

- The Grand Tetons day trip was not as advertised. The website says "We know the best places to find moose, and we will do our best to locate one or more for you”; "An interesting detour is to Cunningham Cabin, a log building that was one of the original buildings from the time the region was homesteaded"; "Jackson is a quaint, touristy western town, and you will have the opportunity to walk around, shop, and grab a bite to eat, if you choose." None of these things materialised, and the tour was generally very disappointing. We drove for 8 hours and were out of the coach for less than 2 hours.

- The total cost of the tour charged by BunduBashers was over $800 when the sum total of the elements they booked was no more than approx $500.

If the nature of the tour and its costs had been represented accurately, I would not have booked it and would have made other arrangements. As a consequence of the misrepresentation, I found my trip very disappointing to say the least. In fact, I was miserable and frustrated for three of the four days.

The arrangements were also very poorly organised when I reached West Yellowstone. The level of service was certainly not enough to justify the amount of commission charged by Bundu Bashers.

I contacted Bundu Bashers on two occasions with details of my complaint, requesting a refund. The first email was ignored; the second received a one line response that was basically rude, and which stated that they would not consider my complaint. I have received no further communication despite two further emails from me.

Bundu Bashers have also not responded to the Utah Better Business Bureau, which takes up consumer complaints on customers' behalf.

Bundu Bashers is clearly a shoddy organisation which is out to make a quick buck. Compared to similar tour companies, their service is utterly appalling.

Reviewed October 2009

Misleading advertising-no hotel pick up!

I really wanted to go on a tour of Bryce and Zion parks while in Las Vegas, and due to the lack of companies offering this tour, I selected this Bundu Bashers company since they charge $145+$10 fuel surcharge. I found only 2 other companies, and both charged $255 and one did not have enough people for the date that I wanted.

Booked the tour online, and in my email confirmation they informed me that they could not pick me up at the Wynn hotel and I had to go to the Venetian for pickup, apparantly since I am a party of one and nobody else is staying at Wynn. Granted, the Venetian is not far from the Wynn, however, it's a 13 hour tour and I would already have to get up at 5am for it and I'm going to be very tired at the end of the day. I would much rather have door to door pickup and dropoff.

However, my real beef is that I am paying the same as other guests and not getting hotel pickup like them. $155 is not cheap, and I expect to get door to door hotel pickup and dropoff for this price and like they advertised in the website. There is no fine print or disclaimer that pickup is only from selected hotels and if there's multiple guests staying there. So this is MISLEADING ADVERTISING. I sent an email to them with all these points asking them to make an additional stop at Wynn (what does that take, an extra 5 minutes?) or else give me some kind of discount since I am not getting what was advertised in the price and they refused.

Still have not decided to cancel the tour, or go with a different company, or rent a car myself. This company does NOT care abot customers at all and is a ripoff! I do NOT recommend booking with them!

Reviewed August 2009