Dedicated to Protecting Travelers from the Scourge that is Sessel "Sesspool" Sagorin

Have you been ripped off by one of Sessel Sagorin's scams, which include Bundu Bashers Private Day Tours and Yellowstone Self Catering Lodge?

Despite the vast number of bad reviews (see the links on our opening page) of these businesses, travelers are drawn to them because they seem attractive and in many cases travelers cannot find an alternative for the times and locations. This is a mistake that will ruin your vacation! There is no point in booking a tour or lodging that will make you miserable, no matter how cheap or unusual it may seem.

To help travelers find legitimate alternatives that will give them pleasant memories instead of nightmares, this site is partnering with different companies in the travel industry that offer visitor experiences without the pain of Sagorin's.

Please understand that is not in the travel business. It is purely an information website run by an elderly couple who were burned by Sagorin, and our only purpose is to help protect other travelers from his scams. In particular, we have no financial support (all expenses for providing this site come from our personal finances) and we receive no revenue from the alternative travel suppliers that we link to here. We do not want to perpetuate other scams like Sagorin's, so before listing a site here we vet it as carefully as we can (relying on reviews from other travel websites, as well as information provided by the suppliers themselves that we can verify). But we are not experts at this, so please do some serious research on your own before booking with the companies listed here. Legitimate companies will have nothing to fear from this, so if they're listed here there's a reasonable chance that they can be trusted. But always do your research, especially in an industry that's as rife with scams as travel is.

Please email us if you know of companies you think we should add to this list. As with submissions made by the companies themselves, we will require links to legitimate, third-party reviews before we will consider listing a company here.

(This is a new page as of August 2015, and we do not yet have anything to post on it. Please check back!)