Dedicated to Protecting Travelers from the Scourge that is Sessel "Sesspool" Sagorin

Are you a current employee, colleague, or family member of Sessel Sagorin? If so, we strongly recommend that you get out before we take him down and your name is sullied along with his.

We understand that jobs are hard to come by this days, and you may feel forced to stay with this scoundrel (isn't that a familiar word? :-) because you don't see an alternative. To help make it easier for you to abandon Sagorin, we are working with other travel businesses in the same areas to find new jobs for his employees who are worthy. Please note that this only applies to employees who have shown (surreptitiously or openly) that they are opposed to Sagorin's crooked ways of doing things--if you support him, then you will be going down with him! But if you have supported him in the past and now understand the error in doing so, please contact us for help in cleaning up your reputation.

To help determine who we can trust to be worthy of our assistance, we are working with travelers who have had experience with Sagorin's companies and can give us their opinions about their experiences with specific employees. If you contact us, we will actively seek out references for you among the many travelers we are in touch with. And of course, you should provide your own references. But please understand that you will be carefully vetted before we put you in touch with other companies about potential employment. If you have a shady history with Sagorin, and have not visibly repented, then you would do well to move to some place where no one knows you, and start over. ASAP!

If you are a member of Sagorin's family and feel you have nowhere else to go, then we apologize for the damage we are doing to your life. But please understand that hundreds of other people have been suffering severely because of him (including many elderly persons like myself), and hundreds more will do so if he is not stopped. So in this case the needs of the many must outweigh the needs of the few. It's not yet too late to rethink your relationship with Sessel and consider appropriate action. If you continue to support this scoundrel, then you have only yourself to blame for the results.

Sagorin is going down. Don't go down with him!