Dedicated to Protecting Travelers from the Scourge that is Sessel "Sesspool" Sagorin

Have you been ripped off by one of Sessel Sagorin's scams, which include Bundu Bashers Private Day Tours and Yellowstone Self Catering Lodge?

Or, are you a member of the legitimate travel industry who is fed up with having the industry's reputation sullied by Sagorin's schemes?

It is time to put an end to this, and we need your support to do it!

Our email contact information is here.

To stop Sagorin's scams we need to take away his business, to the point where he either goes legit or goes away. To do this, we need to warn travelers before they make reservations with Sagorin, because he has an anti-traveler policy of no cancellations and no refunds. This site is being aggressively pushed out to internet search engines and to the travel industry, and as the word spreads it will help protect English-speaking travelers. However, many of Sagorin's victims come from other countries, and we cannot stop him unless we also take away that business. The means that we need to mirror this site into as many languages as possible, and for that we very much need your help.

So far, we have been contacted by victims from Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. In each case, we have asked them if they would be able to help us translate this site into their native language. Unfortunately, so far only speakers of Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese have had the resources available to help. We are now actively working with them to get Chinese-language versions of this site created and widely spread, and that will help us reach and protect travelers from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, as well as Chinese speakers from Malaysia and various other countries where the languages have a strong presence. But we have many, many more people we need to reach!

Whether or not you have been a victim of Sessel Sagorin's scams, if you can help us translate this website into other languages, and spread the word, you would be doing a great service for other travelers. We have the resources to host the alternate sites, we just need assistance in translation and dissemination. In particular, we also need assistance with search engine optimization to make sure that as many people as possible discover this site and its mirrors. We believe we have Google, Bing, Yahoo, and 百度 (Baidu) search well covered, but there are other widely-used search engines that are a mystery to us (e.g., Яндекс (Yandex) and 네이버 (Naver)). Please help!

If you are in the travel industry in areas that overlap the territory that Sagorin pisses on, you would also help travelers and yourselves by assisting us. Sagorin has long been sullying the reputation of the travel industry in the Western United States, and we have heard that some travelers are becoming discouraged from visiting here because of him. Unfortunately, travelers report that in many cases they have selected Sagorin's enterprises because they have been unable to locate alternatives for the dates and locations he covers. So, you can help these travelers as well as yourselves by providing links to your own alternatives which we will list on this page. But, please note that we are not interested in perpetuating more scams like Sagorin's, so all submissions will be vetted as carefully as possible before we include them in the list of alternatives. When you contact us, please provide links to legitimate third-party reviews of your business that we can use in the vetting process. Also, please review Sagorin's offerings and respond to them, because we are especially interested in seeing alternatives to the offerings that people are drawn to because Sagorin is the only operator offering something like them. To take him down, we need to eliminate any perceived advantage that he may have.

P.S. Many thanks to the anonymous travel insider who let us know about Sessel Sagorin's industry nickname, "Sesspool". How fitting it is for that piece of sh*t!

Again, our email contact information is here.